If you want to be sure your investments are in good hands, then Portfolio Mandates is the solution for you. Simply leave the management of your investments to the professionals at Libra Invest.

When you decide to have Libra Invest’s Portfolio Management team manage all or part of your investments, your personal financial goals are the starting point. It is therefore important that we know your investment goals, return targets and risk appetite. With this information, we determine, together with you, the risk profile and the management style that form the ultimate foundation for the composition of your investment portfolio.

Furthermore, our Manager will regularly discuss with you the development and performance of your investments. Experience shows that the ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work in Portfolio Mandates. We are therefore offering you a range of mandates for you to choose from.


  • Peace of mind and convenience - Our experts take over the task of looking after your investment portfolio; every day, they take considered investment decisions, taking your personal situation, wishes and goals into account;
  • Professionalism – Structured and disciplined management of portfolio;
  • Active management- Adopt a long-term view while capitalising on short-term trends;
  • Global diversification - Spreading risk as well as profiting from regional economic developments
  • No sales charges and lock up period


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